Willy's Nutrition

Here is the nutritional information on all our menu items. It's easy to eat healthy at Willy's if you make the right choices. We've heard from many of you about losing weight while eating at Willy's and not feeling heavy and tired like you do after eating fast food. Remember, we prepare all our food in our restaurants so the flavor you get is from the freshness, not flavor-enhancing additives from some food plant.

Gluten Free

With the exception of the flour tortillas and our cookies, everything on our menu is now gluten free.

However, it is possible that cross-contamination can occur from the tortillas used in the steamer and on the cutting boards. To help prevent cross-contamination, please tell the manager that you are ordering a gluten free meal and ask that they change gloves before handling your food. There is a high risk of cross-contamination from the steamers, some utensils and the gloves if they are not changed prior to making a gluten free item they use at the counter.




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